Karen Brown 
Television Journalist 

Karen Brown CBS reporting Hurricane Earl

Karen Brown KTVK Anchor Reporter
Karen Brown w/ CBS in the Outer Banks, on hurricane watch

Karen Brown is an award-winning journalist who, after spending a decade working as a network correspondent is now an Anchor and Reporter at KTVK in Phoenix AZ.  She anchors the weekend evening newscasts and fills in anchoring during the week. As a correspondent for CBS. she covered national and international stories for The Early Show, CBS Evening News, CBS affiliates, CBS Morning News, and CBSNews.com. Karen also served as a substitute anchor for CBS Up to the Minute, CBS Morning News, and CBS Money Watch.  Watch Karen on TV
 Karen Brown CBS News on set in New Hampshire
Karen Brown and CBS News on the campaign bus with candidate Mitt Romney. This is one of my favorite political pieces ever, the voters were fantastic and the candidates...well.. candid and surprisingly relaxed:
News Reporter and Anchor Karen Brown has covered the VA Medical Scandal, Sedona Wildfires, Monsoon flooding, the runaway llamas, the 2012 Presidential Race, NATO Summit, the Reno Air Races Crash, 2011 Tucson shooting, Cuba, the Texas drought, the Casey Anthony Trial, the Conrad Murray Trial, the 2008 Presidential Race, the White House, Congress, the United Nations, NASA, Wall Street, and the Olympics along with major breaking news stories, including the fall of Lehman Bros., Hurricanes Isaac, Irene and Rita, Midwest Drought, California and Arizona wildfires, and the Mississippi floods.
Katie Couric and Karen Brown CBS Evening NewsKaren Brown and Katie Couric update Tucson Shooting CBS Evening News
Karen Brown CBS Evening News with Katie Couric - reporting from Tucson
Here are some links to some of my favorite stories and some of the the most difficult I've covered. People are amazing...no matter if they are dealing with horrible violence, like Giffords shooting in Tucson, or escaping into revelry for an evening, like in Mardi Gras..I believe, at their very core, folks care about each other, come together when they need to, and just want to be able to take care of themselves and their families.
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Watch Karen Anchoring:  

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Karen Brown CBS News Chicago Illinois - Horse Rescue
We went on an amazing drought road trip through the 
Mid-West.  6 days, 5 towns, 4 states and 5 stories 
with blogs. The people of the heartland are amazing!
They keep this country fed, and they never loose sight
of what is important to them: family, community, and
country. I was inspired by their courage in the face of such 
devastation and touched by their resilience and compassion.
No matter how bad their situation was they felt for those 
who were hit harder.
Our last stop was Illinois, where horses are being
abandoned because there is no grass to graze and
hay is too expensive. Day 5:
Karen Brown CBS News - Horse Abondonment
I blogged from the road. Photog Ray Unruh spinning
country music, me pounding away on the Apple driving 
thru the heartland of America.
Karen Brown CBS Will County Horse Rescue              
Karen Brown CBS News w/illinois Horse Rescue operations 
Ashland was 200 pounds skinnier when found on a road.
Illinois Horse Rescue & Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection
Correspondent Karen Brown CBS News Barrington Illinois
Karen Brown CBS News Illinois Horse Rescue

Karen Brown Isaac Flooding - News Reporter Karen Brown CBS News - Braithwaite, LA
These fine folk of Braithwaite Louisiana took us out on their boat to show us the
devastation. Nearly 400 people were rescued after a levee was breached and 
water inundated their town. It's a community filled w/ firefighters and deputies, so
when the water rushed in they got to work rescuing their neighbors. Extraordinary!
Here's the kitten we rescued from the floods in Reserve. 2 boys found her on a tractor.
Our Sat Truck operator got her to an emergency animal center..and she's doing great!
Correspondent Karen Brown CBS News - Hurricane Isaac
New Orleans French Quarter filled with National Guard

Correspondent Karen Brown CBS News - Isaac Flooding
Cisco Gonzales says the water came up 6 feet in minutes.
He rescued dozens, some clinging to trees, but couldn't
save the two people trapped in the home behind him.
                                CBS Evening News and Karen Brown with Hispanic Business Owner and Latina Powerhouse Nina Vaca of Pinnacle
                                Karen Brown, CBS Evening News, Los Angeles - The Hispanic Vote
                                As a business owner, Mom, and immigrant, Nina is a key example of how rich and complicated the Hispanic
                                voter really is. (and she gives great advice on how to balance being a top CEO and a Mom :) )
Karen Brown CBS News covers the NH Primary 
Karen Brown CBS News at the Stark Bed and Breakfast
Karen Brown and long time CBS New Producer Chris
Weicher covered the New Hampshire Primary.
I have to tell you, I LOVED the people of New
Hampshire. Such an extraordinary sample of Americans
in a state where per capita their vote counts more than
anywhere else in the country. And because they know
their voice matters they take the political process as if
their voice matters and can decide how the country is
run. It was extremely refreshing to see the true
democratic process in action..where hands on politics
matters more than money, and the people feel their
Here we are in Stark. One of the most photographed
places in NH, but economic picture not as pretty. The
 people  are strong, independent and resolute:
And for NH - being 1st in the nation is priceless!
Correspondent Karen Brown CBS News on set in New Hampshire
Karen Brown CBS interviewing young voter in Conway, NH

Emily was severly wounded but what she felt in her darkest hour gave her great comfort.
This is one of my all time favorite stories!
This is Emily's pic of a butterfly that landed on her.
On the set of blockbuster "Now You See Me" with producer Bobby Cohen. Cohen loves to shoot in New Orleans and has set up offices in the Big Easy. One of the big time producers helping to turn NOLA into "Hollywood South." 
Correspondent Karen Brown reports in NOLA
When we shot in NOLA there were 5 blockbusters in production with huge stars like Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Quenton Tarantino, Viola Davis. It is fanstic to see a viable long term industry developing to compliment tourism.. I love New Orleans it's a city with great soul, hope,  and acceptance.
NH Republicans are VERY different from Iowa GOP..can
you say fiscal conservative. And small business owners
are leading the charge!
 Karen Brown CBS at the historic Wentworth Hotel
Karen Brown CBS News live in Manchester NH
Even in NH young people face double digit
unemployment figures. I heard story after story of
college graduates who have sent out hundreds of
resumes and can't find jobs. They feel powerless
but let's hope they exercise their political power in 2012!
Karen Brown CBS News in Joplin, MO for the 6 month
anniversary of the deadly tornado. Emily's Mom shows
her photo album.
Joplin in extraordinary. The survivors have such faith
in each other and their community. The children have
come forward to talk about the butterflies/angels they
saw during the storm. They have become a symbol of
their recovery and what they call the "miracle of the
human spirit"

Correspondent Karen Brown in Old Metairie talking with veteran location manager David Thornsberry about moving his family to NOLA from LA because there is so much film work!
ICBS Reporter/Anchor Karen Brown in New Orleans
Karen Brown CBS LA County Fire 
Karen Brown CBS News The Early Show & LA County Fire Capt.
Jasmine Sagura in training helicopter.
Karen Brown CBS News live on the Early Show
Karen Brown and CBS News take a look at what it's like for female firefighters on the job. These women rocked! So brave and down to earth. But women make up only 3.7 percent of all firefighters nationwide, mainly because they have to pass the same physical tests as the men and it takes a special lady to bunk with the boys. But women can do it, they just need special physical training to pass the test and get through the acadamy.
The girls have a calendar to that raises money for burn victims.
Karen Brown's exclusive interview w/Tool's lead singer
Reporter Karen Brown & Tool's Maynard James Keenan
Maynard James Keenan is a study in contradictions. Super
 smart, very introspective, and has a super big smile 
when he let's it out. He's funny with a wit as dry as his whites.
Yep, in a historic ghost town he is making award winning wines
in the Arizona high desert. All while fronting 3 bands: Tool, Puscifer, 
and A Perfect Circle.
Scott Pelley and Karen Brown CBS Evening News
Karen Brown and CBS Evening News spoke to the survivors, first responders and perfect strangers who collided that horrible day when the vintage race plane plunged into a crowd of fans in Reno. Their courage and kindness in the face of such carnage was extraordinary. I find that sometimes the worst situations bring out the best in human nature. I keep them all in my prayers as they continue to recover from the trauma.
Karen Brown Drought Series! 6 days, 5 towns, 4 states, 5 stories!  
     Correspondent Karen Brown, CBS News, Searcy, Arkansas. 
At the Arkansas Cattle Auction cattle were going for 1/3 the usual price. Gerald Nabb drove from Oklahoma to get in on the buyers market. Drought Series Day 3!  Karen Brown, CBS News, Searcy, AR - Drought Decimates Cattle Industry 
Correspondent Karen Brown, CBS News, with cattle rancher Bill Pruitt
Sweet Bill Pruitt sole off half his cattle because there was nothing for them to eat. Where we are standing would usually be covered with knee high grass. He's been raising cattle his entire life and was brought to tears having to get rid of them. 

Correspondent Karen Brown, CBS News, Memphis. With the Mississippi down 10 ft, US Army Corpse of Engineer Derrick Smith explains how it'a like taking an 8 lane highway and turning it into single lane country road for the shipping industry. Ingram Barge Co. takes us out on the
not so might Mississippi. Day 4! 
Karen Brown and the fabulous CBS News Dallas Bureau traveled all over Texas talking to cattle ranchers slammed by the drought. They are having to sell off entire herds that have taken them decades to build because they are just too expensive to keep. But they were all such gentleman in the face of such hardship...vowing to come back....saying when things get tough "you gotta pull yourself up by your boot straps and keep on kickin'"..which is pretty much true for all of us, don't you think?
Karen Brown, CBS News, Medow, Texas - with wine entrepreneur Cliff Bingham of Bingham Family Vineyards and Farm. His family has been growing cotton for
100 years. Faced with 2nd year of severe drought, he's doing OK because he's diversified into grapes. Drought Series Day 1.
Karen Brown, CBS News, outside Lubbock TX w/ Cotton Farmer Jason Coleman
After loosing his entire crop the year before, Jason had been hopeful this year would be different. But when the drought struck again, his cotton plants withered and took any hopes of any profit with it. But the fine folks of
Medow Texas don't give up, they have a great faith which drives them to 
never give up.
Correspondent Karen Brown, CBS News, Dumas, TX. Karen and Crew go
deep into the corn fields of farmer Harold Grall to find out how going high 
tech in conserving massive amounts of water and making his fields drought
resistant. Drought Series Day 2!
Karen Brown CBS News Natchez Mississippi
The historic flooding along the Mississippi River had entire nieghborhoods under water, but the folks of Natchez and Vicksburg could not have been more generous and kind to me and my crews. That southern hospitality and strength of spirit is real.
Karen Brown CBS the Kennedy Space Center Karen Brown CBS News - KSC
Karen Brown CBS Evening News Tucson Shooting update
Karen Brown CBS with Biscuits & Blues owner during floods. His business was booming with curious tourists while his home was under water!
Karen Brown CBS w/canine flood survivor
This Natchez couple was cut off by 9 feet of water, they could only get out by boat, but they stayed for their 13 year old lab!
Natchez is a great town biscuits & blues 
Karen Brown CBS News with the shuttle Endeavor poised for it's last mission behind her. She was the first to speak to Gabrielle Giffords' chief of staff upon their arrival at the Kennedy Space Center. Pia Carusone gave a warm interview and said their goal really is for the Congresswoman to return to work. twitter.com/rep_giffords
Karen Brown CBS News, the Kennedy Space Center, Florida:
Tucson Shooting - Karen Brown on the scene and live on the CBS Evening News 6 hours after the shooting of Representative Gabrielle Giffords. The people of Tucson were so gracious and kind to all of us.
Karen Brown reporting from Tucson Arizona, CBS Evening News w/Katie Couric
Karen Brown CBS and Tucson Shooting Victim Ron BarberKaren Brown CBS reporting on Bourbon St.
Karen Brown CBS News did an exclusive interview with shooting victim and Giffords staffer Ron Barber for the Jared Loughner competency hearing. He is such an amazing man. Here he is showing me how he was shot in the cheek.  The bullet went out through his neck narrowly missing a key artery. The other bullet went through his groin. He candidly spoke about being treated for PTSD. He still has nightmares, especially about seeing his friend and collegue Gabe Zimmerman die in front of him. He has started a fund to help spread information about mental illness, it's detection and treatment. He feels that if Loughner's illness had been caught early, the shooting would have never occured. Ron Barber's Fund
Karen Brown broke the news on CBS News.com that Loughner would be found incomopetent to stand trial, four hours before the judges announcement.
Karen Brown CBS News reporting in Tucson, AZ : http://www.cbsnews.com/video/watch/?id=7367327n&tag=mncol;lst;1
Mardi Gras - Karen Brown on location in the French Quarter, New Orleans. It was great to see New Orleans so vibrant. I found, for most of the locals, Katrina and the Oil Spill are in their rear view mirrors. They are excited about their future and their city. This was the busiest and most lucrative Mardi Gras in some time. The people made me laugh they were having so much fun.
Karen Brown CBS News, reporting in New Orleans
Karen Brown & Chris Waddell CBS Evening News Chris Waddell's One-Revolution
Karen Brown CBS and Chris Waddell
Karen Brown chats with paraplegic superathlete Chris Waddell in Colorado before he begins his historic journey up Mt. Kilimanjaro. Brown and CBS Evening News documented his climb from start to finish. He was such an inspiration, only missing his goal of becoming the first paraplegic to summit Kili without assistance by 100 ft of boulders, but showed that what really matters is the ability to speak loudly from the top of a mountain for those whose voices are not always heard. This is still one of my all time favorite stories!
Karen Brown CBSNews.com blog entry on Chris Waddell:
Karen Brown CBSEvening News,reporting from Crested Butte, Colorado. video:

Karen Brown CBS News-H1N1
Karen Brown and CBS News did a three part series on H1N1 overloading the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh. The Doctors and the nurses were so amazing as were the parents by their kids' bedsides. What an incredible operation, and Pittsburgh is such a great city.
Karen Brown CBS News, reporting from Pittsburgh:
Pediatric Emergency Room at a Breaking Point
Hidden Dangers of H1N1 in Kids
H1N1 and Pneumonia

Karen Brown CBS News Reserve, Louisiana. So amazing, these guys 
were using street signs as paddles, going door to door, helping to rescue their neighbors from the flood waters after Hurricane Issac! Now that is
determination and an amazing display of the goodness of the human heart.

Karen Brown CBS Kennedy Space Center
Karen Brown, CBS News, Kennedy Space Center
Karen Brown and photographer Ken Kerbs on the roof of the historic CBS News building at the Kennedy
Space Center covering Endeavor's final mission. It was so fantastic that Rep. Gabrielle Giffords could be there to support her husband, Capt. Mark Kelly...demonstrating the power of love, determination, and amazing doctors. Photos by nice KPHO photographer.